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Geelong graphic and website design agency Corporate Hippies provide strategic and creative designs for our clients to achieve the best results possible in the marketplace. Through designing, managing and creating these business brands, we are able to provide every facet of graphic design, website design, marketing and advertising required to deliver distinctive visual communications that sell.

Our design portfolio includes graphic, website, marketing, advertising design and photography for both printed materials and website's. Our varied client base of lifestyle, fashion, food, beauty, tourism and the leisure industries enables us to deliver innovative marketing, advertising for website and graphic design that evokes the desired response.

As our business environment constantly changes, so must we. The Corporate Hippies movement continually evolves by being flexible and responsive to these surroundings. If you would like to know more on how we can best grow your business needs and expose your services and products, please contact us, or view some of our recent projects.

Geelong Graphic Design

As Graphic Designers, the Corporate Hippies approach ensures we produce creative concepts, fresh ideas and innovative design solutions that will enhance your business image. We are responsible for designing progressive art and graphics that are a result of a firm understanding of your businesses core principles, your consumer and your companies direction, like to know more?

Geelong Website Design

Our customised website designs range from simple one page website's to more complex multi-page marketing tools that we design and provide search engine optimisation for to suit your business needs.

Each of our customised website designs are unique to each businesses requirements. We combine your business plan and website design to target your customer to deliver your products and services to a real and targeted online audience, see what we can achieve!

Corporate Branding & Logo Design

Corporate branding & logo design is crucial in maintaining a company’s position in the market place and your identity & logo is a vital part of that brand. With our knowledge, research and expertise we can deliver a well designed corporate identity that will ensure you deliver the right message and retain the interest of your target audience.

If you already have an existing corporate brand & logo design, we can also work with your companies style guide or create one to ensure consistency of your brand management throughout all the services we offer.


Photography and images are our passion, and we know that great photos are a vital asset to any marketing and design material. Consumers look at your photos / images and make judgments about your company in seconds.

We specialise in helping your customer to make the right assessment about you and your business with stylish and results driven commercial photography. Corporate Hippies works with you and your brand to ensure your company is sold in the best light, we aim to enhance your brand and increase your sales.

Website Hosting

Corporate Hippies provide a safe, secure and reliable Australian space to publish your website. Give your business a professional Website & Email Hosting address to raise your profile

From a simple holding page to a massive marketing website store, Geelong / Noosa based Corporate Hippies has a Website Hosting product to meet your business needs.

View Our Recent Projects

Geelong Graphic & Website Design Projects

Here is a brief glimpse of recent design projects we have completed for some of our lucky clients, click here

Website Designer for Ecoglass Website

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